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MDP, the Visual Merchandizing Specialist
MDP is a company dedicated exclusively to Visual Merchandising.
We have made Visual Merchandising become firmly established in the profession by offering consultation to numerous department stores, general merchandise stores, specialty chain stores and other corporate clients.
We see stores as the prime venue for communication with customers.
The role of Visual Merchandising is to create a specific corporate and brand image in stores and give overall expression to that image.
Our goal is to establish a system whereby customers visiting a store obtain a genuine and satisfying experience of the corporate brand in their activities from selecting to purchasing products.
To this end we help clients link their products, ambience, services, and promotions to product display and presentation. We assist with conceptual design of shops, operation management, and sales planning, helping to maintain and advance each of these elements.
Company Profile
Name M.D.P.
Merchandising Planning & Presentation
Office 2-16-24 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Tel. TEL:03-6874-1937
Representative Sumiko Suzuki
Established May 1987
Services I. Merchandising and Visual Merchandising at commercial facilities -Merchandising
 Product lineup (inventory mix) planning
 Product rollout planning
 Seasonal rollout manual
-Visual Merchandising (VM)
 VM organization development
 VM education and training
 Manual development
 Operation system development
 Sales planning advise
 Presentation design
-Advise on interior design from a VM standpoint
 First impression of a store or selling space,
 Zoning and layout planning
 Development of shelves and fixtures
II. Developing New Business Categories and New Brands Surveys and analysis
 Concept planning
 New product development
 Development of Merchandising and Visual Merchandising plans